Frequently Asked Questions
Don't see your question? Please feel free to reach out to us with it. 

Where is your practice located?
Our office is located in Highland Park, Illinois. (480 Elm Place, Suite 105 B, Highland Park, Illinois 60035)

Do we take insurance?
We are Blue Cross Blue Shield providers. Please check with your plan to determine your specific OT coverage.

Where do we provide therapy?
In a variety of settings, including on-site in preschools, and private elementary and high schools; in the client's home, and in a clinic in Highland Park.

What is different about our practice?
We have a wholistic approach, based on years of experience with a solid understanding of subtle and unique profiles. From auditory sensitivities to reversals of "Z," we get it! We take time with each client, including communications outside of the therapy window. We take you home with us!

When is a "problem" a problem?
When there is something that is blocking your child's ability to be the person he or she is supposed to be. This can be related to a sensory processing issue which radiates into other areas, such as behavioral regulation or development of confidence and competence. We believe that subtle problems should be addressed in order to prevent bigger problems down the road.

What ages do we work with?
We work with babies one year or older, children, teens and up through adults. With school-aged children, we like to help coordinate services with the school and develop home programs to augment therapy goals. Some adults have a lifetime of sensory discomfort to address, and we can help unravel the self-imposed cocoon of protection, and help to discover the feelings of empowerment and freedom from within.

Does your practice have groups?
Yes, our practice has groups, and can pair up with speech and language therapists and/or social workers to provide the exact mix of professional expertise.

How do I know my child is a good fit for your practice?
We are always happy to have a conversation and determine if your child is a candidate for our style of OT service, or what other (if any) professional services would be appropriate. Just call or email!

Can you help my college bound child get testing accommodations?
Yes. An OT evaluation of handwriting, visual processing and computer skills can help to qualify students for appropriate modifications and accommodations for testing purposes as well as in school.